The popular story of The Three Little Pigs represented in an exceptional children's opera in one act with an adaptation of Mozart’s music, selected from his operas Don Giovanni, The Marriage of Figaro, and The Magic Flute, among others.

A complete and real opera performance through the story of The Three Little Pigs and the Big, Bad Wolf. A show to experience the human voice as molded by Mozart, one of the greatest composers of all ages.

Houses of straw and wood flying and falling, a brick house that would be the envy of many today, and a fierce and cunning, but ultimately powerless Big Bad Wolf.

All the elements necessary for a full stage experience, with live voices and instruments.


SCHOOLS: didactic guide with classroom activities classifed by grades

“Imagination is what widely show Ana Lara and Carlos Amat. Complicity with the audience is achieved without cheap tricks and with the necessary intelligence. Kids had a lot of fun.”


“Children and families were dazzled by the adaptation

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